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Name: Sebastian Astrail
Nickname: Bas
Species: Human
Height: 6ft 4


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Bas came from the last border town between the Tirucian Empire and the kingdom of Mahlandor, from a family that historically processed wool for the local community. And growing up, he found nothing more boring than that fact.
With trade between the two nations over for hundreds of years, a once prosperous trade stop became a sleepy village as more and more people left for a better life.
Bas quickly gained a reputation as a problem child. He was never quite able to sit for his lessons, even though he was quite bright. Instead, he found far more enjoyment sneaking into the various houses of the other villagers and just messing with things. Never stealing, just... moving things around the place. As he grew older, he got bolder with his shenanigans, and the villagers found him nothing but a nuisance.
But nuisance children from sleepy villages have their uses- Bas' parents were offered a deal. The government had a job for the young miscreant. His parents would be compensated, if their child is taken into a boarding school and trained for a job they could disclose no more details about. At their wits end, his parents agreed.
The job turned out to be a position in the Aregard- a secretive agency for the benefit of the Empire. Essentially, he was trained as a spy.


Bas seems like a fundamentally non-serious person to most people. He spends most of his days asleep, goofing off, and he seems to have far more interest in womanising than working. But as soon as he puts himself into Work Mode, hes almost entirely a different person. He is incredibly focused, observant and competent. Hes charismatic, and very good at reading people and acting however he feels he needs to to achieve his goals.


Bas is a social chameleon. He works to blend into whatever situation he finds himself in. He'll follow whatever is in fashion among the group hes trying to infiltrate.
Currently, most of his work is to fit in with both the peasantry and nobility of the Kingdom of Mahlandor, which is based on the medieval era. Whereas the Empire he is from is closer to an Industrial Revolution. MBR>While he'll wear pretty much anything, he most certainly feels naked without having multiple weapons upon his person. He might have a knife or two obviously on a belt, but he'll also have knives stuffed in boots, in vambraces, within his coat, or anywhere else he might be able to fit one. That trope where a character pulls up weapons from increasingly ridiculous places, only to have another couple stashed somewhere? Yeah, thats Bas.


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